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About XtremeForensics


The roots of XtremeForensics can be traced back to 1994 when the first version of what is now ILooK was being distributed to the intelligence community of MI-5 and MI-6 in the UK. Over the next few years ILooK was only available to a subscribed user base of Law Enforcement, Intelligence Services and the Military.


ILOOKix was being used in 67 countries and its development was being funded by various agencies in the US that included the FBI, the US Department of Defence and the Treasury Department. During the 9/11 trials all digital forensic evidence introduced into Federal Court was processed using ILOOKix. This year also saw the creation of Perlustro to manage a 6-year contract with the US Internal Revenue Service. 


The patent process was started to provide Intellectual Property protection for a method for what was to become ISEEK.


XtremeForensics was created to take control of all the source code for both the old and the new tools under development. Later that year a fixed-term contract was signed with the CIA for the ILooK and IXImager tools.


At the end of the CIA contract, the newly-developed ISEEK process was granted a patent and work began in earnest to develop the tool and associated utilities for commercial sale.


Two significant events will occur; ILooKix will be made commercially available in two editions and ISEEK will be released in three editions. The ILooKix Standard Edition is to be a perpetual licence with optional annual maintenance whereas the Advanced Edition is to be an annual licence.

The Team

Samual James Baker


  • Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of IRS for 31 years, formerly Chief Technical Advisor to the Director of Electronic Crimes

  • Partnered with Microsoft® to develop and implement the standard and primary desktop platform for IRS Criminal Investigation’s client desktop systems

Erik Anderson

Senior Vice President - Engineering

  • Copyright holder of BusyBox©, uClibc© and Buildroot©  technologies

  • Linux Kernel developer, Linux application developer, member of Linux developer community

  • Designer of hardware and software embedded systems using BusyBox© and uClibc©

Richard Adams

Senior Vice President

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • PhD in digital forensics

  • Over 9 years leading digital forensics and eDiscovery teams for one of the Big4 consultancy firms

  • 10 years in the UK working with the National Criminal Intelligence  Agency, the National Crime Squad and HM Customs as well as various European law enforcement agencies.

Jason McMurray

Senior Consultant

United States

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Criminal investigator for the Texas Department of Public Safety for 26 years

  • Assigned to the Electronic Crimes Task Force with the United States Secret Service Dallas Field Office

  • Certified Forensic Computer Examiner distinction from the International Assoc. of Computer Investigative Specialists

Phillip Russo

Global Head of Training

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Ex-Investigator with the West Australian Police Cyber Crime Unit

  • As a private consultant conducted over 35 Anton Pillar & Search Orders

  • Previously a Senior Trainer for AccessData, Guidance, NUIX and Cellebrite.

David Thompson

Vice President - Operations

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Over 15 years as a Partner and national leader of Deloitte Forensic Technology and e-Business security practices.

  • 20-years with Victoria Police, founder of the Computer Crime Investigation Squad.

  • Founding member of Interpol Global Steering Committee on IT Crime and Inaugural Chairman of the International Organisation for Computer Evidence.

  • Who’s Who Legal - Asia-Pacific region’s Thought Leader in Digital Forensics.

  • Australian Computer Society - Certified Professional (Cyber Security).

Deborah Acton

Senior Consultant

Canada and Europe

  • Digital Forensics Investigator for the Canadian Border Protection Agency for 19 years

  • Masterclass trainer for XtremeForensic's toolsols.