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XtremeForensics, the power behind ILOOKix, now introduces ISEEK - the distributed forensics, eDiscovery and compliance tool.
Practitioners in eDiscovery had been complaining that the process of creating indexes was time-consuming, disruptive and expensive. XtremeForensics now provide the solution with ISEEK, an autonomous tool that can be deployed across the largest network without the need for installation and which doesn't create indexes nor does it clog up networks with unnecessary traffic.


Having developed ILOOKix and IXImager the Team were also well-placed to realise that in the realm of digital forensics the capacity of modern disk drives was often rendering the creation of forensic images impractical and the widespread nature of many investigations involved wasted hours spent travelling - the solution was to empower the technology behind ISEEK to identify and collect artefacts relevant to digital forensic investigations as a companion to ILOOKix.

Following ISEEK development and trials it soon became apparent that the patented approach together with the new technology had many more applications than just digital forensics and electronic discovery. This has led to the development of different versions of ISEEK to accommodate the needs of practitioners in other fields who require specific functionality (or a sub-set of the standard functionality) for their tasks. The growing list of applications now includes versions for deployment in IT Compliance, IT Security and Freedom of Information environments.

What does XtremeForensics technology accomplish in the field?


  • Expensive human resources can be better leveraged as there is no requirement for them to be ‘hands-on’ as part of the ISEEK search and collection process.

  • ISEEK does not require installation on the custodian machines nor does it need any other software to be installed.

  • ISEEK replaces ‘indexing’ to DEFINE responsive data and therefore greatly reduces the data volume being fed into the review process. 

  • With ISEEK it is now possible to query 1000 machines concurrently without disrupting the network infrastructure.

  • The security risk associated with collecting corporate data is mitigated with ISEEK as the data is always secured using AES256 encryption.

  • Global language issues are irrelevant in the ISEEK process because it employs literal phrase strings as part of its search mechanism. This non-indexing methodology removes limitations imposed by any indexing approach for non English languages or symbolic-based languages etc.

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Digital Forensics

  • For the majority of cases there is no need to create a traditional 'forensic image' of large physical disks through the use of ISEEK. Search and capture artefacts associated with digital forensics and IT security investigations across an entire network.

  • In cases requiring a forensic image, ISEEKImager can be deployed for a remote logical or physical acquisition of networked or stand-alone systems.

  • For RAIDs or disks with potential bad sectors IXImager (the companion tool to ILOOKix) can be used to create self-validating ASB containers. As well as scoring 100% on NIST tests, IXImager is also extremely fast due to the use of Erik Anderson's Linux code.

  • For the most demanding of cases there is ILOOKix which, despite running Microsoft SQL Server for the case database, has low minimum hardware requirments coupled with massive data-handling capacity.

  • ILOOKix undertakes generic deconstruction of a range of containers such as SQLite, plist and bplists and presents them in an appropriate format for analysis.

  • The XtremeFileRecovery (XFR) capability of ILOOKix goes well beyond simple file salvage and gives the tool the ability to recover deleted data from Ext2, 3 and 4 filesystems as well as NTFS and FAT.out this item. What's it about and 

IT Compliance & Audit

  • The built-in auditing features and invisible operation of ISEEK enable it to be deployed rapidly across corporate networks with minimal disruption

  • Specific uses have included inspecting systems for:

    • Credit card data stored where it shouldn't be

    • Personal data stored where it shouldn't be (e.g. TFN)

    • Executable files outside of normal locations or unknown executable code

    • Systems/applications present that have not been included in the whitelist

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