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                FREE Ransomware Insurance for Everyone


We have now designed a single feature FREE TO USE version of ISeekDiscovery that leverages the design weaknesses of ransomware in the hope that it will help mitigate the institutional harm it causes.  The intent is to drive down the value proposition for the hackers by making data recovery available to anyone.  Using specific weaknesses we have observed, we are able to protect any running Windows system in 15 minutes, regardless of whether it is a physical or a virtual machine. As the hackers escalate the attack vectors, we will offset their efforts as needed to compete with them.


  • You keep the data wherever you want - FOR NO MONEY

  • You run ISeekDiscovery as often as you want - FOR NO MONEY

  • You run ISeekDiscovery on as many virtual or physical machines as you want - FOR NO MONEY


In the event you are unfortunate enough to be compromised by ransomware, you send us by email one ISeekDiscovery file (containing only metadata from your system, but no data), and we give you back a list of the ISeekDiscovery data contents for US $99.00.  If the contents solve the destruction aspects,  then for a flat fee of US $400 we extract the data for you and send you a link to access and download your data from the cloud.   If it is sensitive data, we will provide an application to extract the data only on your premises.


You MUST be registered as an ISeek user for over one week and  meet some basic vetting requirements in order to effect the data extraction.

 These costs are waived for the following industries :

  • Any public owned industry dealing with any aspect of voter registration or voter election accounting or processing (not limited to the USA)

  • USA state government agencies providing free public services for healthcare or child protection services

  • Educational institutions not limited to the USA


In return, we will send St. Jude Children's hospital US $100.00 of the fee for each event.

Ransomware – and what can stop it, is the focus of this page.   The United States Government, on the cusp of the most important election in 200 years, is continually harassed in both day to day operations as well as pointed attacks on election sites, voter registration processes and power grids (among many others). Something other than detection has to be brought to bear to arrive at a solution. While nothing XtremeForensics makes can catch ransomware quick enough to stop every negative event, (and neither can any other software) it can store critical data in a form that has a very low potential to become destroyed.   If ransomware could be stopped cold, there would be no room in the dictionary for Zero Day events, but until that time comes, your only attack vector is to outsmart the coders of the ransomware. In detailed studies, ransomware designers give away many mechanisms in the ASM code that can be leveraged against them.  That is what we have designed into a single-feature version of ISeekDiscovery – a set of algorithms that leverage the design weaknesses of ransomware.  Using those weaknesses we should be able to protect any Windows machine, regardless of drive shares or disks, in 15 minutes.   You keep the data where ever you want. The data cannot be read by anyone, including hackers. It is compressed and encrypted and is undetectable as such given the limitations of the malware which cannot afford to delete files that might make the system inoperable and therefore unable to be used to communicate with the hackers.

Instead of trying to attack the invisible enemy by shining a light until you see something wicked, the ISeekDiscovery process is used to provide free insurance for everyone on earth using MS Windows systems.   FREE means there is no cost or any other “ransom” required to be paid to protect data which the nefarious criminals try to destroy.  

It is unlikely that ISeekDiscovery, in this role, is 100% perfect at the job. However, in practice it should be very close to a 100% solution that will allow anyone to recover their encryption-destroyed data that the hackers want to hold hostage.  This is done by making the automaton that is ISeekDiscovery carry out precise functions in a routine fashion before a ransomware attack.

Click the link to download your free version of ISEEKDiscovery Anti-Malware