If you can find a tool that beats ISeekDiscovery in both time and accuracy, we will give you a free licence to the ISeeK toolset for a year, including our forensic toolset for ILooKIX. 

Alternatively, we will make a contribution of the same value in your name to St. Judes Research Hospital Memphis TN.

  • Register using the form below with the search terms you intend to use, and any other search criteria such as date or size, so we can provide you with a runtime configuration file allowing you to compare results in your environment OR download one of our test images and its associated configuration file.

  • Download the ISeekDiscovery runtime (which has no install) and run the comparison test yourself using ISeekDiscovery against the data.

Thanks for submitting!
  • Use any language or charset encoding

  • Use HEX, REGEX or string parameters, use wildcards, use whole words, use keyboard or non-keyboard methods, use archives, use compression states on filestreams.

  • Use encrypted containers to hide the results where finding the encrypted object is considered a search hit in total

  • See Information Page for further details on the test here